Visakhapatnam Marriage Certificate & New Registration

Visakhapatnam Marriage CertificateVishakhapatnam marriage registration under Hindu and Special Act 1955 is applicable for a couple who has either tied the marital knot as per their religion or is applying for court marriage in Visakhapatnam. The city is known as Vizag as well and has oldest shipyard with largest seaports.

Development in IT hub and industries is the center of attention. To register marriage in this city applicant must emphasis on initial document submission. The procedure to get a marriage certificate in Vishakhapatnam is quite simple though however, an aspirant must follow the process of initial registration as prescribed.

According to Hindu marriage act 1955 those who are citizens of India and are getting married for the first time can tie the knot and then can register for a new certificate. Wherein couple or any of the applicant who is getting married for the second time must follow special marriage act amendment to legally register their marital status. If both the applicants are Hindu, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists then their wedding will also be covered under Hindu Act.

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Wherein if applicant is getting married outside of these religions then Special Act is applicable. Also, if applicant is tying the knot with foreigner in home city then the special marriage act is applicable. But if marrying in the other city or foreign country then No objection certificate is required from the home town. Under the provision of both the marriage acts, documents required for marriage certificate registration must be submitted in the prescribed format and should be valid.

Documents required by Couple

  • Copy of permanent address proof
  • 6 passport size photograph of bride and groom
  • Marriage invitation card/ affidavit
  • Birth proof
  • Joint photographs of couple
  • Identity proof such as Voter Id, Aadhaar Card
  • Application Form in prescribed format
  • Witnesses Document including photographs and IDs

Note: Date of submission of the application form must be checked before appearing at the sub registrar office. At the appointed date applicant parties and witnesses must be present along to complete the procedure by doing verification and signing documents. Check More Details Here

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‘Tatkal’ Marriage Certificate

For those wanting same day marriage certificate can apply for tatkal service in Vishakhapatnam. The revenue department of government introduced this service to make it easier for applicants for single day authorization. If one apply tatkal marriage certificate registration, then the procedure will be considered on priority basis. However, applicant has to pay additional fee to get the certificate issues within same day.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

After wedding if woman is applying for passport or bank account then copy of marriage certificate is required.
A certificate of marriage is also helpful in obtaining overseas visas or claiming property of the spouse in other country.
In the hometown both couples can access bank accounts and have rights on property by demonstrating marriage certificate.

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If a couple is travelling abroad in that case also marriage certificate is required as the foreign embassies do not consider ritual or religious marriage but in fact demands of registered marriage certificate.
To claim policies, bank deposits etc. without any nominee name, this certificate is helpful. Also, it offers social security to women and save them against domestic violence.
In short, a marriage certificate is important document for a couple to show their marital identity in home and foreign country.

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  1. Kindly guide me how to apply for a court marriage, will the application will be available online..
    & can v fix a date for the court marriage after a month of submitting the application.
    Will we get the certificate on the same day of the marriage.

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