Marriage Registration Online in India

register marriage onlineHow to register marriage online is the first question that comes to mind after or before marriage for new couple because it is the most important first document a newlywed couple need for various requirements in their new life beginning.

Acquiring legal document that states the establishment of marital status of a couple is not only a necessity but in fact was made mandatory by the supreme court in 2006. The process of marriage registration online is new to many people in India.

The importance of this legal document can’t be ignored when it comes to legality of a marriage after tying the knot. That certainly means that along with grand preparations for the D-day, it is important for a couple to know how to register marriage online to be on safer side after they are married.

In other words, marriage registration is a simple paperwork formality that states the union of a couple. Irrespective of the religion, is now compulsory for a newly wed couple to get marriage certificate as soon as possible.

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The good news is, it can be obtained either online or offline. But procedure for both the modes may vary according to the state government.

The certificate is highly beneficial for both partners especially when applying for joint home loan, passport, visa, and other documents that require proof of a marriage. According to Hindu marriage act the minimum age to get registered for wedding is 21 years for groom and 18 years for bride. Both the partners must be the citizens of India, in case of special marriages or if one gets married to person living abroad, in that case different forms must be filled along with certain certificates as mentioned on the official marriage registration site.

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Online marriage registration is quite a simple procedure. Sit along with your scanned documents and go to the State’s official marriage registration site. Make user ID and verify your account. Once you are done, read instructions carefully, and then follow the procedure step by step. Fill the given form online with accurate information and submit it along with required documents (as mentioned on website).

Pay the marriage registration fee by choosing appropriate mode of payment and submit the form. Make sure you take a screen snapshot and keep it carefully as a proof.

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Besides this, you will also receive an email with all the details and will also get an appointment. On the given date presenting before the ADM along with spouse, is mandatory to complete the procedure.

Marriage registration will be done in the branch office and certificate will be issued on the same date. Keep this legal proof of marriage in your email and also don’t forget to get it photocopied. Write down marriage certificate issue number for your convenience.

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