Marriage Certificate Form For Special & Hindu Marriage Act

Hindu & Special Marriage registration application form (1)For many reason including legal, financial and social, marriage registration has become mandatory in today’s society. According to Indian constitution marriage can be done under Hindu and Special act. However, the conditions and regulations to get registered under both acts is different. As per the notice of intended marriage of second schedule, filling application form under Special marriage act in the prescribed format is important.

Applicant marrying for the second time are requested to fill application form and check section 5 of the Second or Special marriage form. Wherein couple marrying for the first time only require filling application form under Hindu marriage act.

But in both the cases, prescriptive marriage rules must be followed and relationship should not fall into the category of prohibited relations list. Also, in case of child marriage (which is a punishable offence) none of the above-mentioned acts are applicable.

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In fact, applications regarding that will be considered for legal action. To outlawed and penalised such practices govt. of India has decided marriageable age for both bride and groom which is 18 and 21 years respectively.

To ensure equal rights and legal recognition having a marriage certificate is important. Couples also have social security after obtaining this legal document that shows their courtyardship. Apart from that govt if also taking initiative to educate people to stop child marriage, lower awkward tradition related to arranged marriages such as dowry, diminish polygamy and stop forced marriage.

In general, The Special Marriage Act that was introduced in 1954 is applicable to all the citizens of India who were born in India and are living in the country. However, it is applicable only to those who are marrying for the second time. Either marrying a foreigner or taking marriage under other religions such as Buddhists Jains, Sikhs, Muslim, Christian, Parsi or Jewish other than Hindus.

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The solemnisation and registration of their marriage is done at the district office registrar. To get appointment for the same documents required for marriage registration must be submitted in the prescribed format.

Within a month or depending on mode of application (tatkal or same day) one can apply for the registration. If applicant is applying under tatkal or same day marriage, has submitted all the documents included bride and groom identity proof, residential proof, marriage proof and witness identity proof with special marriage application form then the plea will be considered on priority basis. One month notice period is statutory provision under special marriage act.

Browse District official web portal of your city. If you are not aware of your district’s office where registeration is suppose to be done then find “marriage registrar office” followed by your city’s name.

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Results will appear. Go to official web portal and check marriage registration segment. Follow the procedure and carefully complete it. You can note down telephone details of registrar office of your city to know more about documentation or follow up with the marriage registration procedure.

Here you can find an attachment to check Special Marriage Application Form

Special Marriage Certificate Form for Registration

Hindu Marriage Application Form For Registration

Both the parties have to give a notice of marriage in a prescribed form to the marriage registrar to get a date of appointment for the final registration. One of the applicant must has resided for period of thirty days when proceeding application in the district. If the staying period is less, then application will be rejected. That is why it is advisable to apply in home town or where the marriage has been solemnized.

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After submission of documents for marriage registration under Special or Hindu act, a copy of notice will be affixed on the notice board. The area marriage registrar will attempt inspection related to document and applicant’s verification and during this period if any complaint is raised then he will look into the matter. Check Documents Details Here

After rectifying the matter, date of publication of the notice will be given to couple and an appointment will be given on which both parties must be presented. On the given date all the documentation will be done and marriage certificate will be given to the couple after signing receiving.

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