Faridabad Marriage Certificate – Registration Procedure & Rules

Faridabad Marriage CertificateFaridabad marriage registration online is a platform provided by Government of Haryana where registration, enquiry and certification procedure for various services can be done. Faridabad is one of the largest city in Northern region of Haryana state. Growing as one of the industrial hub with modern districts it is one of the populous place that surrounds, India capital, New Delhi. Those who have already solemnised marriage rituals can apply for marriage certificate in Faridabad online in various regions.

Under the Compulsory registration Act 2008 of Haryana it is important for every couple to register their marriage. While the city comes under smart cities mission of 2016, the Harayana government is focusing on making all the procedure online to improve its technological aspect and provide good e-services to the common masses while lessening administrative task.

For court marriage registration in Faridabad, Haryana couple has to produce relevant documents that specify their ethnicity, identity, residential proof. Those living in the newly developed residential part of Faridabad between Agra canal ad Yamuna River often get confused where to apply for marriage certificate in these regions. Online registration perhaps allows couples to identify their regional zone and apply within particular district.

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Obtaining Faridabad Marriage Certificate under Hindu Marriage Act

For registration solemnising marriage is necessary either in court or as per marriage rituals. Then appearing before registrar is important. If couples who somehow delays marriage registration, the provision for condonation of delay up to 5 years can help.

Faridabad Marriage Certificate Registration

The condonation mean forgiveness in delay of registration. However, application is accepted with late fee but after five years, procedure is different and is quite tough.

For marriage certificate in Faridabad approval of chief registrar of marriages of Haryana is important. District registrar of particular region called SDM also approve certificates.

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  • There is age specification for bride which is minimum 18 years and groom which is 21 years.
  • Both the parties must be unmarried or legally divorced (with all documents required).
  • In case of unmarried couple marrying first time, Hindu Marriage Act is applicable but if anyone of them marrying second time then Special Marriage act is applicable.
  • Their relation must not come under the prhibited list of relations
  • A period of 30-day residency required for both the bride and groom to apply for marriage certificate
  • Instructions as per the guidelines for certificate or documents must be followed.
  • Applicants must have birth records since January 1908

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Documents Required

Indian authenticity documents are required. In case of marrying or married to foreigner, then the person’s foreign domicile certificate is required.

  • Birth / Age proof
  • Residential proof
  • 6 joint photographs of bride and groom
  • Marriage photos
  • 3 individual photographs of bride and groom
  • Marriage invitation card
  • Self declaration
  • Witness (two) and their identity proof
  • Notary/ Magistrate Affidavit
  • Application form and Self attested copies of documents


  • Registration of marriage in Urban local Bodies can be done by taking appointment offline or registering online by filling Form – I
  • Carry all the documents (as mentioned above) or submit PDF files if applying online
  • After submission of documents and application (online or offline), verification will be conducted and appointment will be given to the bride and groom
  • If the procedure goes right and verification is positive then on the appointed date, registration will be done and marriage certificate will be issued.
  • Statutory waiting period is 10 days during the procedure.

Check & download forms here  https://marriageind.in/marriage-registration-form/

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  • Applicant must apply within 90 days of their marriage otherwise late fee is applicable.
  • Applicant has to pay challan of fine as per the rules.
  • Court fee on prescribed performa is also applicable which is Rs 10/-
  • Fee for marriage registration after 90 days is Rs 250/- after 365 days is Rs 300.

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Modes of Payments

  • Cash Deposit
  • Bank Draft
  • Postal order
  • Demand Draft
  • Challan
  • Submit at Municipal Corporation Office

Faridabad Marriage Certificate Online services

The online service is quite elaborative, when you will visit official portal here https://www.mcfbd.com/online-services or visit https://www.mcfbd.com/    you will find various e-services options. But as marriage certificate is required then Click on ‘Marriage registration’

A new window will open with e-form for Faridabad marriage certificate. The form itself is nicely designed to allow applicant fill all the details hassle free.

On the right side, you will find options to upload Groom, Bride, Marriage photos, Couple photos in prescribed format which is Max 50 KB in GIF, JPG formats.

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At the left side of the portal you will find all the details to be filled. It startes with the Case details, Date of Marriage, District, Place of Registration. Fill these details carefully and select from the dropdown menu.

The form is then followed by Applicant Details, Groom and Bride Details, Marriage Venue details, Witness details, Payments then followed by Document attached column where PDF filed must be submitted not exceeding 1024 KB.

After completing the online form of Faridabad marriage certificate enter Captcha as mentioned in the box and then submit the form. Save reference number for future reference.


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