Court Marriage Registration Fees

court marriage registration feeHindu marriage act of the Parliament of India demonstrates the legality of a couple’s relationship in civil society. The main purpose of the act was to arrange rules and bring law and order in a systematic way with regard to wedding that takes place in India as per different cultures, regional and social rituals.

Also, to ensure safety and security to the sacred relationship, Indian government made it mandatory to register marriage under Hindu & Special act.

Introduction of this act was considered as an act against offences, violation and misleading of both the genders on the ground of wedding. Moreover, as modernisation is prevailing in the society, court marriage registration is now considered as ritually recognised union of a couple and hold legal significance as well.

So, if you are one of those couples applying for court marriage then having knowledge about all the requirements related to it is important.

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From knowing documents required for the court marriage registration in your vicinity to the cost and other expenses to register a marriage in your city are part of registration procedure that you must be aware of.

One general question that applicant ask is how much it cost to register marriage? Commonly, only Rs. 100/- is applicable for the registration fee and Rs. 150/- is applicable for the entire procedure including solemnization of the wedding. For Special Marriage court fee is Rs. 150/- The cost of solemnization can differ from city to city and from districts to zone. It depends on what kind of services they are offering.

If the staff is making sitting and refreshment arrangements for everyone available at the time of court marriage, then additional cost will be charged. Wherein if simple procedure to court marriage is taking place then only Rs 150/- will be charged for the same.

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Talking about tatkal service of marriage certificate then just like passport, rail tickets one can get marriage certificate registration done within 24 hours. This prompt service is now available at very low cost though earlier Rs 10.000/- were being charged for the same.

However, due to the urgent need of marriage certificate for many couples travelling or for other purpose, single day authorisation of wedding was made comparatively less costly. Revenue department of state government of Capital city Delhi has made easy for couples who wish to register marriage within 60 days of tying the nuptial knot on priority basis.

Online Marriage Registration Cost

Government portals are safe places to ensure transparent and hassle free registration process for applicants. There applicants only require downloading forms and follow step-by-step guide for the process. They can also check application status. If applicant has his own resource such as a laptop or computer, then online marriage certificate registration is absolutely free. Only marriage registration fee will be required to pay as government fee. Also, document fee that could be Rs 200 maximum will be required to copy important documents.

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But if one don’t have any laptop or computer then visiting computer cafeteria is advisable. Charges are imposed on service or hourly basis. It further depends whether one fill the application form oneself or take help to register online. Generally, form filling services are charged and are not included in registration fee. It is advisable to carefully use debit or credit card while paying online marriage registration fee.

Registration through Marriage Bureau

If you seek marriage registration through Bureaus that offer services like documentation, marriage solemnization, document delivery then entire registration procedure cost could be more. Registration fee must be included additionally. And if you seek documents and procedure to be done on urgent basis then you will have to pay fee accordingly. In general, such marriage bureau charge extra for this kind of services. But for tatkal certificate, fee can be raised.

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Marriage Registration Agents Fee

Agents available at the outside premises of the court are also being approached for marriage registration procedure. However, it is advisable to follow the procedure carefully and not to fall into fraud cases of receiving fake marriage certificates. Such things are illegal and punishable offence. Though to know about court marriage documentation, registrar office and other details, help can be taken from them.

Offline Marriage Certificate Cost

Travelling cost is the additional cost when considering offline marriage registration. It also includes documentation cost which is up to Rs 400 depending on kind of documents required (such as affidavits, copies of documentary proofs etc.). Besides this, court fee, government charges which is Rs 100 and other charges are imposed too.  Check Court Marriage Procedure Here

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Documents & Forms for Same Day Court Marriage Registration

  • Application Form A under Hindu Marriage Act.
  • Application Form under Special Marriage Act.
  • Documents attested by Gazetted Officer
  • Affidavits in Special Marriage or in case of no marriage invitation card
  • Apostille Certificate or NOC in case of second marriage or marrying a foreigner
  • Identification Proofs of Bride & Groom
  • Photos of Couple in Joint & Single
  • Photos of Witnesses
  • Identity proofs of Witnesses

Get all the information about Hindu Marriage Act at Here


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