Faridabad Marriage Certificate – Registration Procedure & Rules

Faridabad marriage registration online is a platform provided by Government of Haryana where registration, enquiry and certification procedure for various services can be done. Faridabad is one of the largest city in Northern region of Haryana state. Growing as one of the industrial hub with modern districts it is one of the populous place that surrounds, … Continue reading “Faridabad Marriage Certificate – Registration Procedure & Rules”

Andhra Pradesh Marriage Certificate Registration – Online Application Form

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most talked about states of India. It bifurcated to form new state of Telangana. A reason why when it comes to Andhra Pradesh marriage certificate registration, many applicants search for Hyderabad, Telangana and Guntur district as well. As more than 30 crore inhabitants resides within its territory, it has … Continue reading “Andhra Pradesh Marriage Certificate Registration – Online Application Form”

Marriage Certificate Form For Special & Hindu Marriage Act

For many reason including legal, financial and social, marriage registration has become mandatory in today’s society. According to Indian constitution marriage can be done under Hindu and Special act. However, the conditions and regulations to get registered under both acts is different. As per the notice of intended marriage of second schedule, filling application form … Continue reading “Marriage Certificate Form For Special & Hindu Marriage Act”

Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Procedure For Registration

Gujarat is located in western region of India. With over 31 cities in its territory, it is known for wide coastal area and is referred as “Jewel of Western India” due to massive growth in infrastructure, economy, IT and development in other segments. Its coastal border aligned with the territory of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and … Continue reading “Gujarat Marriage Certificate Online Procedure For Registration”

Pune Marriage Certificate Info & Registration Procedure

Getting Pune marriage certificate is an important civil rights of any newlywed couple living in the city. Obtaining a certificate of marriage under Hindu or Special Act is mandatory to get social security. As a it establish the existence of a relationship that a couple carried out. As per Marriage rules in Pune, obtaining this document within 30 days of … Continue reading “Pune Marriage Certificate Info & Registration Procedure”